Monday, December 12, 2011

What Is It About A Baby Elephant That Makes Us Smile?

Baby elephants at Elephant Orphanage
What is it about a video of two baby elephants playing in an inflatable swimming pool that made me want to start this blog?  First, it gives me a chance to put into writing some of those moments in my life that have made me smile and that I do not want to forget;  and, second, I hope my anecdotes/musings encourage you to interact with my blog and share the moments in your life that were ones of wonder and joy in your life.

Last week a friend forwarded to me a video of two baby elephants playing in an inflatable swimming pool while being sprayed with water by their zookeeper.  There was no way I could watch that without laughing out loud and enjoying every minute of video over and over again.  Those two little elephants were having the time of their lives.  They were playing with abandon, freedom, and pure joy.  That precious video brought back one of my favorite memories--my encounter with baby elephants and their keepers in an elephant orphanage outside the city of Colombo, Sri Lanka.

So, read on.  In the next post I am going to start this blog with the recounting of that elephant encounter and see where this leads.  To more elephant encounters or shall we look for kangaroos next?  Let's start this journey and find out.

Like I said before, feel free to join in and share your "it made me smile" moments!  Maybe you too have visited the Pinawela Elephant Orphange.

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