Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Dog Who Loves Organ Music

Bailey arrives at the Jordan Keyboard Studio

I grew up with a great dog -- a wonderful black lab and Dalmatian mix named Bingo!  He was one of those dogs who was a best friend and a great playmate.  He always seemed to have a smile and was always ready for a new adventure.

These days, because of our travels with our organ and media event performances, my husband and I don't have a pet, but I continue to be partial to bigger dogs with happy personalities, a wagging tail, and that ever present "smile."

Several years ago a new student started organ lessons in my home studio.  It wasn't long before I discovered that her dog tagged along for the lessons and patiently waited the hour in the car for her return.

Following a lesson one day, I met the patiently waiting dog--a yellow lab with a happy personality, that wagging tail, and that ever present "smile."  I was smitten and Bailey was invited to leave the car and join us in the music room for the weekly organ lessons.

Bailey now eagerly makes the weekly 30-minute trek to our home.  She rushes up the front steps excitedly barking to let us know she has arrived.  We open the door to Bailey's happy dog smile and give her a few moments of petting and attention.  It's then off to the music room where Bailey settles in for yet another hour of glorious organ music. 

Bailey smiles through another great organ lesson

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