Thursday, June 6, 2013

In Memory of Bailey and Dino - The Organ Lesson Dogs

 My organ student, Margaret, has brought a dog or two with her to her organ lessons for years.  The dogs look forward to the 30 minute drive to the lesson and my husband and I look forward to a bit of time with them before the lessons begin.

Bailey, a yellow lab, was the one allowed to come inside the studio for the lesson.  She was marvelously behaved, loved organ music, and became a great friend.  Unfortunately, Bailey died of old age recently.

Her buddy, Dino, a wonderful beagle also rode "shot-gun" on the trip down the coast and protected the car while Margaret and Bailey came inside for the lesson.  Margaret lost Dino several months ago as well. So, this blog entry is in their memory.  Two great dogs! Two great music-loving dogs!  Two great friends!

We miss you Bailey and Dino!


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