Monday, January 16, 2012

You Will See the Church

"Walk to the train station in Copenhagen; take the train to a town one hour west of the city; catch the bus to the village; get off at the F5 stop and you can see the church.  The sexton will meet you there."  No problem.  Trains and buses--the transportation of Europe.  Perfect!

The train ride from Copenhagen was uneventful.  We got off the train in a tiny station to catch the local bus.  The bus wound its way through the picturesque village and into the countryside.  Home became more sparse and the happily grazing cows more common.  When our stop, F5, was announced, we alighted at what appeared to be a crossroads of two local roads at best and two farm lanes at most.  "Get off the bus at stop F5 and you will see the church" were the directions.

We stepped off the bus, expecting a church building to have miraculously appeared at the crossroads'  however, there seemed to be no church in sight.  Was this the right stop?

Yes, there it was --a simple white-steepled church set in a lush pasture of gently waving grass a half mile or so away.  A narrow paved road wound its way past the contented cows to the perfectly quiet, perfectly serene, perfectly perfect little Danish church--unimposing in its welcome, unpretentious in its simple reflection of God's glory!

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